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Update on Tyler & His New Shoes…

I cannot believe that this past Monday, Tyler (our 3rd son) turned 5 months old.  How crazy is that?!  It seems like it was only yesterday that I was pregnant with him, going through the whirlwind of chaos which ultimately in the end, gave us a happy, healthy, beautiful boy.

Many of you already know the journey but if you don’t, feel free to read it here:  But since many of you already know what he’s been through, he’s doing AMAZING!  He had surgery to release the heel cords in both feet at the beginning of Feb and just got the casts off from that surgery at the beginning of March.  His feet look amazing and he now has his first pair of shoes (he was born with clubbed feet).  

Here is Ty, just a couple of days after he was born:

Tyler, 2 days old

Tyler, after surgery

Ty's feet after surgery & casts

Ty's Corrective Shoes

Ta-Da! Ty's New Shoes!

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