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Siblings are forever friends….

 have known Shayne ever since I was little….as his parents were (and still are) great friends of my parents.  Shayne and one of my older brothers, used to get together growing up….I’m sure I can’t imagine the “adventures” they went on. LOL  Some things might be better left unsaid. HAHA

But it was awesome to meet up with him again a few years ago when he was married and had their first child, a daughter.  Then only 9 days ago….they had a 2nd child, a son.  What a beautiful family they are…

Cindy & Shayne, it was great to see you again and meet your lil’ man.  And of course, to see Miss *G*.  My boys LOVED playing with her once she was done with her photos. 😉  They had such a blast!  So here is a sneak peek of your photos.  Feel free to tag anyone you’d like in this note or photos.  Enjoy!!

Mr. *G*


Miss *G*

The Love of a Family…

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