Rescued Me ~ The Story of Mona

I first met Mona’s mom last year when a photographer friend of mine and I put out a model casting call for an expecting mom, as we wanted to do a pretty, snow maternity session.

I have not yet blogged about them, but recently, I’ve been a part of The Front Steps Project in Rhode Island where a bunch of us RI professional photographers, while practicing OVERLY safe social distancing, went to families homes and photographed a portrait of them in front of their homes (while us photographers stayed either in our cars or by the road, using a telephoto lens).  With them receiving a free photo, they in turn purchased a gift card to any local small business of their choice, to help the community during this crazy Covid-19 time.  Just the photographers in our group (there were about 8 or 9), with this project, we were able to help raise $25,000 from all the small businesses the families selected to support.  How AMAZING, right?!

Anyways, back to Mona.  Mona’s mom contacted me to do a Front Steps Project portrait for her kids and mentioned that sweet Mona was a rescue.  So of COURSE, we had to some photos of her in her yard for the Rescued Me series.  She was a little timid at first, happily wagging her tail but staying near her family.  I think she may have been a little leary of my camera as well.   But still practicing social distancing, she came around and I think we got some great images of her. 🙂

Here are questions that I ask the families and the stories of their beloved furbabies.  Learn where they came from, how far they’ve come and just how amazing these dogs are!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you….

Mona’s Story

ME:  What is your furbaby’s name and age?  How long have you had him/her?
MOM:  Mona is 5 years old and was adopted on November 1, 2014

ME:  Do you know what breed(s) your furbaby is?
MOM:  Mona is a pit bull and basset hound mix

ME:  Did you keep their name that they had before they were rescued?  What made you choose their (now) name?
MOM:  Her original name was originally Regina and we changed it to Mona. My husband thought that was a good name for her. (ME: I totally agree and it reminds me of the show Who’s The Boss?, which I ADORED watching when I was growing up)!  *look at her all pretty with a flower!*

ME:  Why is rescuing so near and dear to your heart?
MOM:  This is the third animal that my husband and I have adopted. We have adopted two cats and Mona. They told us how Mona was left on the side of the road in a Rubbermaid tote with the lid on in Louisiana. These poor animals need to be loved and feel safe.

ME:  What rescue (and/or shelter) did you rescue your furbaby from?
MOM:  We are not sure of the adoption agency. But we adopted Mona at the Super Dog Adoption Day event held at Clark Farms.

ME:  How did you find your dog(s)?  Website?  Word of mouth?
MOM:  We didn’t find Mona until we were at the event. This event hosts over 300 dogs waiting for their new homes.

ME:  How did you know he/she was the one for your family?
MOM:  We just fell in love with her. She was the only mostly white one out of a litter with mostly black coats. She just stood out to us.

ME:  Describe what the adjustment period was like for your DOG(s) once they came to your home.  What was their fear?  How long did it take them to overcome the uncertainty (if any)? What was their safe space or what made them feel safe?
MOM:  Mona took to us instantly and loved her new home, but she was slow with house training and also suffered from separation anxiety. We tried puppy social classes and some puppy kindergarten. Ultimately she needed some medical support to relieve her anxiety. She has overcome that at this point without any medicine. I think she knows now that we aren’t leaving her.

ME:  Describe what the adjustment period was like for YOU having them in your home, now part of your family.
MOM:  I was a few months pregnant with my oldest daughter when we adopted Mona, so we were in a time crunch to get her trained. By the time the baby came, she was a great fur-sister.

ME:  Describe what your furbaby’s temperament and personality is like.  What’s their favorite thing to do?  What is something that they do that makes you laugh?  Do they have a strange habit that just makes them unique?
MOM:  Mona is very mellow. Loves napping and going for walks and playing with her Chuck-It balls. She is so lazy it makes us laugh. We will call her to go out in the morning, and she would rather just keep snoozing than go outside. (ME:  I feel ya, Mona.  Same, girl.  Same)

ME:  If you could try to convince someone who was on the fence about rescuing, what would you say to them?  How has it changed you and your lives?
MOM:  Adopting a pet isn’t for everyone, but if you are interested, these animals need saving.  Mona gave us a new sense of responsibility before we became actual parents and she is great with both of our kids and brings such joy to our lives.

***K, Thank you for sharing their story and for welcoming me to your home. ~ Teresa
**For those interested in having your rescued dog/cat photographed and their story told, please send me an email through this blog.  I cannot wait to work with you (as things get back to normal) and connect with your beloved furbabies.

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