Rescued Me ~ Roscoe’s Story

I’ve known this adorable pup’s family for a few years now.  They are the sweetest family and their little girl is just too darn cute!  Mom’s name is Stephanie.

I LOVE spending time with this family as their little girl is just the happiest kiddo and adores having her photos taken.  To see her interact with her new puppy was such a great experience to witness.  A puppy and a child together….seriously.  Does it get any better than that?!  It’s a LOT of work but the rewards and memories are priceless!  And just WAIT until you see the personality on this handsome furball.

Here are questions that I ask the families and the stories of their beloved fur-babies.  Learn where they came from, how far they’ve come and just how amazing these dogs are!  And in return, items are donated to a local rescue to help other beloved dogs & cats find homes.  The items donated from this session was to Little Rhody Rescue and Quarantine Inc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you….

Roscoe’s Rescued Me Journey…

ME: What is your furbaby’s name and age?  How long have you had him/her?
STEPHANIE:  Our furbaby is Roscoe. He is just turning 5 months, born on approximately February 24, 2020! We have had him since May 23, 2020.

Child and Dog Photography

Rescue Me Portrait Series

ME:  Do you know what breed(s) Roscoe is?
STEPHANIE:  Roscoe is a mixed breed. We believe he is part shepard, hound, and lab.

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Tongues Out Adoption Photo

ME:  Did you keep his name that they had before he was rescued?  What made you choose his name?
STEPHANIE: His name was Bourbon, however we changed it to Roscoe. Scott always loved the name for the dog. Sophia, our four year old daughter, was in charge of his middle name. She chose Pierre from one of her favorite shows “Blaze, the Monster Machine”. So now we have the name Roscoe Pierre.

Puppy Adoption

Adopted Dogs in Rhode Island

ME: Why is rescuing so near and dear to your heart?
STEPHANIE:  Rescuing is near and dear to our heart because we are animal lovers. We know there are far too many animals out there who unfortunately, especially in the south, wander the streets and/or land in a shelter to face an unfortunate fate. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing we helped to save one of those babies’ lives. Also, and most importantly, we had a lab mixed named Lonee for nearly 11 years, he passed one week shy of his 11th birthday. The years we had him were some of the best years of our lives. He provided us with the most love a person could ever ask of a dog. Anyone that met him loved him. Through the entire time he blessed us with his presence we vowed that we would always rescue our future pups so we were able experience the love, laughter and companionship he gave us.

Adopted Dog Finds Forever Home

Running through the yard

ME:  What rescue (and/or shelter) did you rescue Roscoe from?
STEPHANIE:  We rescued Roscoe from a rescue called Arkanpaws.

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Lab Mix

Roscoe Sitting

ME:  How did you find your dog?  Website?  Word of mouth?
STEPHANIE:  I found our dog’s website on Facebook. It was a group “suggestion” that popped up that I became a member of.

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Roscoe Portrait Full Body

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ME:  How did you know Roscoe was the one for your family?
STEPHANIE:  On our daughter’s birthday, it was about a month into our search for our new furbaby. I saw the post from Arkanpaws randomly in the middle of the night when I woke up and was trying to fall back to sleep. I saw the post with Roscoe and his brothers and thought they were an adorable litter of pups. Being that due to quarantine the number of pet adoptions, particularly puppies, were through the roof, I thought for sure he would be adopted by morning. By the time I looked again at noon the next day, I was shocked to see they were  still available. When I showed Scott the litter he immediately noticed Roscoe. Although we saw a few dogs previously that made our “heart skip a beat,” and unfortunately fell threw due to a large number of applications, he definitely struck us as one that could definitely complete our family.

Happy Rescue Dog Photography

My Favorite! HAHA!

ME:  Describe what the adjustment period was like for Roscoe once he came to your home.  What was his fear?  How long did it take him to overcome the uncertainty (if any)? What was his safe space or what made him feel safe?
STEPHANIE:  It seemed as if Roscoe felt at home from the moment he arrived. Aside from needing to recuperate from the 24hr + journey from Arkansas, he made himself comfortable and became pretty comfortable with his surroundings! His crate is used as his safe spot with toys, but he seems to like it anywhere where there are people. He is getting used to every day objects such as mops and vacuums, and makes sure he barks and investigates as these items are being used!

ME:  Describe what the adjustment period was like for YOU having them in your home, now part of your family.
STEPHANIE:  We are definitely needing to get used to the energy of a puppy! We had our first rescue dog Lonee for 11 wonderful years and somehow forgot what the puppy life was like! 🤪

ME: Describe what Roscoe’s temperament and personality is like.  What’s their favorite thing to do?  What is something that they do that makes you laugh?  Do they have a strange habit that just makes them unique?
STEPHANIE:  Roscoe is extremely energetic, loving and MISCHIEVOUS! He purposely tries to steal shoes, toys, etc., to get the thrill of having us trying to chase him down to get it back. One habit he does have is that any time we need to raise our voice to tell him no or stop doing something, he runs full speed doing laps throughout our entire first floor. Nothing, not even a treat, settles him down until he decides it’s enough! Although we cringe we always have a good laugh because this habit has almost become predictable!

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Dog Running Through Yard

ME:  If you could try to convince someone who was on the fence about rescuing, what would you say to them?  How has it changed you and your lives?
STEPHANIE:  We are firm believers of rescuing almost to the point people probably find it obnoxious! But we have never experienced such love from a dog than we did our first rescue, as well as from Roscoe, even in the short time we have had him. We both agree it’s almost like they know we saved their life so their mission in life is to provide unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. It really is amazing what they provide in their life, and because of that, rescuing is the only option for us when we decide to add a furbaby to our family!

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~ Stephanie, thank you for sharing their story and for welcoming me to your home. ~ Teresa
**For those interested in having your rescued dog/cat photographed and their story told, please send me an email through this blog or through my Rescued Me Facebook Page.  I cannot wait to work with you and connect with your beloved fur-babies.

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