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Happy 2nd Birthday, Tyler!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “note” here on Facebook. 

But I have to keep up with tradition of writing a “Birthday Tribute” that I do each year for each son so we can look back and see what they love to do:

On this day, 2 years ago, our youngest son, Tyler Jack was born.  Tyler’s entire journey from even when I was pregnant until he was about 1, has been eventful to say the least.  A few heartbreaking and anxious times but all in all, everything that happened has made him into the little man that he is today and I honestly wouldn’t change anything for the world. (For anyone who wants to read his journey, here’s the link:

Justin & Zack are complete opposites but I LOVE that Tyler is a great combination of both.   Tyler is a sensitive, sweetheart (like Justin) but he’s a clown and will do anything to bust you up and make you giggle.  But over this past year, he’s become such a snuggle bug and I absolutely love it!  

I always ask him questions, even when I know the answer to them because I love to hear him hum “Hmmm” while nodding his head yes or shaking his head no.  Tyler is definitely a “Papa’s” boy and adores both of his grandpas.   He loves to sing one worded songs, like “Mama Mama Mamaaaaa” and “Dada Dada Dadaaaa” all the time.  Tyler loves anything to do with trains (or “Choo Choo”) as he calls it and squeals with delight over Thomas the Train.  He looks up to his older brothers, Justin & Zack SO very much and keeps up with them every chance he gets.  Tyler will even do some karate moves right alongside of them.  We especially love the “Monkey Stretch” where he crouches on the ground, hands near his lap. lol 

He’ll spend all day outside, digging in dirt, stomping in puddles (oh how he LOVES his puddles) playing at the park, riding in his wagon…you know, doing the regular stuff boys love to do.   And he’s the only little boy I know who gets sad when the moon isn’t outside and he can’t say hi to the moon & stars.  It’s moments like that, that make me realize how quickly time is going by and while he’ll always be my baby, he’s getting big way too quickly.

Tyler, thank you for being such a sweetheart, my lil’ man. Mommy, Daddy, Justin and Zachary love you! Happy 2nd Birthday!

Tyler ~ Just a little over a week old


Tyler ~ 2 years old today!

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