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Fun Journal Prompts…Answered by Zachary.

So many of you may remember towards the end of the summer, I posted with Justin’s journal prompts (as it was a little summer request for his school for him to do).  Here are his answers for those that haven’t read it:

I’ve been meaning to ask Zachary them…and back then, he really wouldn’t have had the attention span to answer them so today was a good, rainy day to do something fun.  🙂  Journal prompts are fun, especially when they are really young…because you never know what they are going to say.  I think I’m going to make it a habit of doing this for each boy, most likely on their birthday or near their birthday….and see how things change each year.

Zack stood still for about 3 seconds to let me take 2 photos of him today so this is what I got:

Here’s an insight to the mind of a 4 1/2  yr old:

 Journal Prompts for Zachary

  •  I feel important when…I clean up
  •  I once got hurt when…I fell off my bike
  • I would like to try…a bike without training wheels
  • A friend in need is a friend…to play with
  • An apple a day keeps the…outside nice and warm
  • Look before you…clean up in case there’s a toy and you might fall down
  • My two favorite colors are…blue and red
  • With my best friends, I like to…play with super hero toys and legos
  • Something I know a lot about is…super heroes
  • With my family, I like to….put clothes in the washing machine. (hahaha)
  • I don’t understand…my baby brother and what he’s saying (loved this!)
  • I’ll never forget the day I…Sunday, Friday, Monday and Saturday, and Tuesday (ok, guess that will do)
  • Twenty years from now, I will…watch cartoons and eat (what a simple life!)
  • If I were a cat, I would…run around and make a picture
  • If I had a magic carpet, I would…jump on it every day and have a picnic on it
  • If I could visit any planet in the solar system, I would…go on a rocket ship to Mars
  • Something I would like to tell my parents is…if something broke, you could clean it up and throw it away in the trash can
  • On sunny, hot days, I…like to swim in the pool
  • A person I admire is…Daddy
  • My hero is…Daddy, Papa, Grandpa and Baby Tyler
  • If I could be a fish, I would be a…pickerel
  • If I could have any pet, I would choose…a dragon
  • When my teacher is away from school, I feel… happy
  • If I could be principal, I would change the way….just play there at night
  • My mom thinks I…am crazy and loves me to the moon and back
  • I want to forget…my pet bat (WHAT?!?!  We have a bat?!?!)
  • One thing that makes me very nervous is…when JJ hits me but then he goes in time out (*followed by a giggle*)
  • My favorite sport is…baseball
  • Mmmmmmm, I love the smell of…cookies.  And macaroni & cheese
  • Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of…macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, marshmallows
  • It is a good idea to save…toys and money
  • My favorite fruit is…star fruit, grapes and apples
  • I feel like crying when…JJ hits me (ugh, I hate sibling rivalry)
  • It bugs me when…what? nothing bugs me. Just rain and water.
  • The person most important to me is…family. And baby Tyler (um, yes, he’s family. Lol)

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without one of Zachary’s MANY faces:

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