As a Mom, One Day…

As a Mom, One Day…


I think everyone, at some point when they were a child, wished they were a grown up.  Because life seemed so much more fun, more freeing and you could ‘do whatever you wanted to do’ because you were BIG!  Then as you grew up, became an adult with responsibilities, you realize how easy you had it and sometimes you wish to be a child again.  To be carefree and your biggest concern was what friend to play with, who you were going to sit with at lunchtime or what fun tv show to watch or game  you were going to play coming  home from school.

Being a full time stay at home mom with a full time photography business, and a husband with a crazy work schedule, I know how stressful life can be.  Daily routines can be chaotic.  Worrying about your family life, after school activities, sports, appointments, classes, work and the list goes on and on.  It’s so hard not to get caught up in the rut of everyday life.  With most family life these days, things are ALWAYS on the go and it’s so difficult not to get stressed out.  Your stress can be something as simple as waking up late because your alarm didn’t go off and you’re rushed for the entire day, your child isn’t listening or tantrums are happening all day long or maybe your day had some serious stress and sadness.  No matter what kind of day you have, or I have, I try to find the smallest thing to be thankful for because one day, you’ll realize that it’s the small things in life that truly matter.  All the crazy things your kids do that may drive you absolutely INSANE, you’ll miss them one day.

Because one day, you’ll miss the sleepless nights of feeding your newborn, crying, soothing and rocking them to sleep.

One day you’ll miss diaper changes, even if you JUST put on a clean one.

You’ll miss how independent they want to be as they are  learning to feed themselves with their hands or a spoon and getting it everywhere except in their mouths, while you are running around trying to keep a clean house.

One day, you’ll miss the way your child cries hysterically just because you are leaving the room and they can’t see you anymore.  Even if it’s only for a second.

You’ll miss those days where you can’t even use the bathroom or take a shower, without children knocking or yelling at the door because they want or need something.

One day, you’ll miss the way the simplest thing can lead your child into a fit of giggles that seem to last forever.

You’ll miss their tiny little voices when they repeatedly call out to you “Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!” or “Daddy! Daddy!  Daddy!” for what may seem like every minute of the day and ALL. DAY. LONG and all you want to do is pray for it to stop just so you can have a minute of quiet.

One day, you’ll miss the way your child’s eyes light up at just the sight of you or at the sound of your voice.  To them, there is no greater human being than their mom or dad.  Do you see how much love and power that is to have?

You’ll miss the way your child procrastinates at bedtime because they need one more hug, kiss or even a drink of water.  Only to be stalling because they don’t want their day to end or just to feel your arms around them just one last time before they fall asleep at night.

One day, you’ll miss the way you have to tell siblings to stop talking and giggling at night because it’s bedtime but secretively you tip toe near their door just to hear their innocent or funny stories they are telling each other.

You’ll miss sneaking into their bedroom at night just to give them one last hug or kiss.  To feel their sweet breath on your cheek as they sleep and making sure they are all tucked in, safe and sound.

One day, you’ll miss the pitter patter on the floor in the middle of their night, as their feet scurry to your bedroom…waking you to help them with the bathroom or to crawl into your bed to sleep by your side.

You’ll miss the way they take up 90% of your bed, digging their chilly little toes into your body but loving the way they need to sleep on your pillow so close to you.

One day, you’ll miss waking up before sunrise because they think it’s time to play and get ready for the day.

You’ll miss the piggy back rides after a long, busy day (even though you are so tired as well) because you know their tiny little bodies are even more tired but they also want to feel safe with you.

One day, you’ll miss the temper tantrums or how they whine over the smallest things but to them, it’s the most important thing in the world at that exact moment.

You’ll miss having them fall asleep in the car or on the couch, only to be carried to their beds at night.

One day, you’ll miss answering all their “Why?” questions because they are curious about how everything works and one day, they will realize they will just have to go with the flow, “just because that’s how life is.”  One will never learn about things without wondering why.

You’ll miss the piles of clothes all over the floor, with their dirty clothes thrown in with the clean clothes and the clean clothes tossed back into the dirty laundry.  Same goes for the dirty clothes that are shoved under the bed or in the corner for days, weeks and who knows, maybe even months. 😉

One day, you’ll miss the piles of toys, blocks and even legos that will be the death of you if you step on them.  Seeing them all over the place means they had a day filled with fun, imagination and exploration to grow and become even more inquisitive of how things work and why.

You’ll miss the way the kids fight like cats and dogs but knowing they miss each other if they are apart.

One day, you’ll even miss how they talk back, because they are trying to find their place in the world and figure out who they are and where they stand in this great, big world.

You’ll miss how they constantly have to be reminded to do something, even if you told them 50 times earlier that day.

One day, you’ll miss the way you child kisses or hugs you in a certain “pattern” each and every night (for our 2nd child, he kisses each cheek, then my forehead, chin, nose & lips and then reverses it. 🙂

You’ll miss the frustration over homework because they are a perfectionist and want to learn everything the first time.

One day, you’ll miss their inability to agree on ONE specific thing.  They disagree with each other just to be difficult and be different.  OR you’ll miss the way they have to agree on everything, just because one of them looks up to the other and wants to be just like them.

You’ll miss the look of admiration they give you when you do the smallest thing for them.  They think you are the coolest parent EVER.

One day, you’ll miss the way they act like angels for everyone else but when you bring them home, they are little monsters.

You’ll miss the day where they draw you pictures or make something at school for you or for each other because when they get older, you know all they will ask you for is expensive toys and money.

One day, you’ll miss the way your child tells you “I love you superhero much” (as this is even better than to the moon & back for them) because as they get older, they tend to tell you less.

You’ll miss the way they give you the “Royal Treatment”, as that is better than any day at the spa as they spoil you in only ways they can (tucking you in with blankets, bringing you snacks, massaging your hands, shoulders, putting makeup on you, brushing your hair, etc).

One day, you’ll miss the way they spill half a bottle of milk or juice because they want to show you how big they are and that they can do it all by themselves.

You’ll miss how they want to “help” you clean, cook or whatever with you but you get frustrated because it may slow you down in the process when you just want to get it done quickly.

One day, you miss the way they have to sing the alphabet in order to say the entire thing correctly.

You’ll miss how they sing nursery rhymes but not quite getting all the right words or verses correct and you try so hard to not correct them as they try to figure it out themselves.

One day, you’ll miss how they hold hands with you or each other no matter where they are or who may be watching.

You’ll miss how small they look when they sit on the couch in their footie pajamas or sitting in your bed, snuggled up watching tv.

One day, you’ll miss watching the same episode of their favorite tv show or movie, regardless of how annoying it may be.

You’ll miss the way they want to have sleepovers in the same room, or build a fort even if you don’t have time or if you are too tired to do it.

One day, you’ll miss how your littlest one always wants to take an hour long bath when you know you could be done quickly and get other things done instead.

You’ll miss how they hang onto your leg, dragging themselves on the floor, just to keep you from leaving the house without them.

One day, you’ll miss the sleepless nights when they are sick or have nightmares and your arms are the safest and most comforting place in the world for them.

You’ll miss how it takes 20 extra minutes RIGHT as you are walking out the door, because they need to find a stuffed animal they remembered they got like 5 years ago and that exact second, was their favorite one and they must have it!

One day, you’ll miss all the messy fingerprints and nose prints on the windows and glass doors as it shows you their curiosity of the world that is going by.

You’ll miss how a hug or a kiss can cure absolutely everything when you’re a child.

One day, you’ll miss the MILLIONS of stuffed animals that seem to be taking over their beds and yet, they still have the need and want for more.

Stop for a moment.  Each of these moments listed above and even others that I haven’t listed mean you are so lucky to have experienced them. All the little things that may drive you crazy, try to take a deep breath and treasure these small moments because those are the things that matter most in your child’s life.  I know that I don’t want to look back when I am older and my children are grown and wish I had enjoyed the little things.  Those things that I will miss, I’m making sure that ONE DAY is TODAY.

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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