The Tooth Fairy Came! =D

On June 11, 2009…my oldest son, Justin lost his very first tooth.  Just 7 days shy of his 5th birthday!  So that day we made a special keepsake bag for the tooth fairy.   He was very excited to find out the next morning the tooth fairy came and left him some money under his pillow in the special bag he made! 

As a child, I always wondered what color the tooth fairy’s dress was (I always argued with my mom that it was pink!)…so I asked Justin if he peeked at her, but he was sleeping.  Hmmmmm, maybe next time! 😉


1st Lost Tooth 003 web

1st Lost Tooth 004 (B&W) web

1st Lost Tooth 007 (V B&W) web

  • cherokeebydesignJune 26, 2009 - 3:40 pm

    LOL, Wait until he finds out the truth.

    I always thought her dress was white with alittle pink trimming.


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