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Best Commercial Ever… :)

Today, I came across the absolute best commercial EVER.  It baffles me that this isn’t a SuperBowl commercial. lol  I’ve already watched this multiple times because as a mother, it just warms my heart.  Why?  Because the child in this video reminds me so much of our 2nd son, Zachary. 

You see, our 2 older boys LOVE anything to do with Star Wars.  But I swear, it is Halloween year round for Zachary.  He is constantly in costumes, dressing up as Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Army Men, Spiderman, you name it.  Come summertime and you’ll see him and Justin running around outside with swords, shields and pretend laser guns to fend off the bad guys.

Put your speakers on and enjoy.

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