Monthly Archives: February 2011

As many of you know, I am a wife of a former Marine.  With that being said, I hold any military member and their families, VERY close to my heart.  I have the utmost respect for what their entire families sacrifice for all of us on a daily basis.  With service members being station all […]

Whether you are sharing today with your signigicant other, child(ren), family or friends…..Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to get all THREE of our boys together for Valentine portraits but I hope to do so this week.  But here’s a fave of mine of our two […]

Mr. *C* came into the studio today with his parents…quiet as can be.  Only 10 days old, I swear he was the tiniest lil’ man.  I love this newborn stage and treasure each time that I am blessed to photograph the little ones for parents.  Mr. *C* was a photographer’s dream…content almost the entire session, […]

Today, I came across the absolute best commercial EVER.  It baffles me that this isn’t a SuperBowl commercial. lol  I’ve already watched this multiple times because as a mother, it just warms my heart.  Why?  Because the child in this video reminds me so much of our 2nd son, Zachary.  You see, our 2 older […]

It’s official!!! Why have a photo of a gigantic fake rabbit with your child screaming on their lap when you can have beautiful photos of them with live bunnies? Reserve your child’s portrait session today! Share this promotion with friends & family, if they book a session & mention your name, you’ll receive something a […]