Monthly Archives: January 2009

This idea is for anyone who lives in Rhode Island. However, if you’re inspired, you should try to do something like this in your town, city or state! My mind is constantly racing….there are so many things I want to do and sometimes, I never get the chance to put it in action (so to […]

Most of you who follow my posts and work are familiar with what my interpretations are.  If not, please feel free to browse the archives of my blog to see the others, as well as an explanation of what and why I do them. =) Winter Outdoors & Small Holiday Colors Making Your Own Light […]

No, this isn’t your regular modeling gig.  Sorry…by no means am I affiliated with a modeling agency…but I AM looking for a lil’ munchkin anywhere from days old to NO MORE than 6 weeks old.  Boy or girl…either is ok. What’s in it for you?  A free photo session (a $75 value!) and a password protected online […]

So yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Avery.  She is about 6 weeks old and was just the cutest little peanut!!  It was great to finally meet her parents, Kathy & Bryan as well.  They were a fun bunch to photograph and we had some great laughs after I made them do some […]

So in one of my photography groups on another site, we were asked to post 10 of our fave images that we took for our clients.  I think I’ll do the same thing for personal images next but I thought I would post the faves for my clients here too so you could see them […]