Monthly Archives: December 2008

YAY!  I’m so excited.  I wrote a post (see below this entry) about being accepted to the Littlest Heroes Project and just about a week ago, I was accepted to be a part of the photography team for Operation: Love ReUnited! These are both WONDERFUL organizations and OpLove is for any military families that have loved […]

Many photographers are aware of this non-profit organization and some are a part of it.  I am so excited to share that I was accepted a couple of weeks ago to Littlest Heroes Project. Some of you may ask what this project is all about.  This organization made up of professional photographers across the nation and we […]

Haha, so as I was going thru some of my photo files, I realized I never wrote a journal or posted any pics from Halloween.  I’m so slacking. LOL  For their Halloween pics, I really wanted to dress them back up and take pro pics of them.  I had hoped for outside pics, but eh…looks […]

So I never ventured into Band Photography, so this was my first time doing it.  The lead singer is someone who I used to work with and I graduated high school with.  It was a blast to do!  The lighting was horrible in the club, but I made due the best I could. =) I haven’t […]

BARE HEART OF NATURE I look at the trees as I drive along All barren and sad and bare No leaves to keep them warm But they don’t seem to care…. What joy it brings to me Kicking up leaves for fun Seeing the myriad of colours From gold to russet to brown. (Poem By: […]