Monthly Archives: November 2008

If you are a professional photographer and live in the New England area (must live in RI, MA, CT, NH, VT or ME), then please check out my blog.  Some of you may or may not have heard of Roadside Families?  This is the New England version of it.  As photographers, we are always behind […]

If you’re not familiar with my Interpretations posts, please refer to my previous ones to catch up. lol  Here are some new entries that I’ve done: Polka-Dots Still Life – Salt & Pepper The subject was “Halloween Movie”, where we got to choose any Halloween movie and portrayed it however we would like.  Since I love […]

This past weekend, my family & I went to New Jersey for one of my husband’s friend’s wedding.  I’ll post images from their wedding soon but it was an interesting scenario.  I was the photographer, hubby was the best man and our oldest son (who’s 4 1/2) was the ring bearer…and of course, we had […]

Well, it’s definitely different to be the one in front of the camera…rather than behind it. LOL  But for a photography group that I’m a part of, we had a Self-Portrait challenge (moreso just to have fun and get in front of the camera for once).  This is actually one of the first photos of […]

I was going through my files and remembering all that has happened this past year and realized I forgot to write about this.  There was a Rhode Island photography contest that was held back in the middle of the year and it was open to all RI photographers of every level (beginners, amateurs, professional).  This […]