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Yesterday, was a beautiful day FILLED with laughter!   I’ve known Tim & Lynn for a few years now and the two of them are always smiling, laughing and goofing around with everyone they know.  The two of them are such wonderful individuals and only become stronger when they are together. We had a lovely day […]

I was out and about yesterday with my youngest son, Zachary.  We were having fun in the sun, playing baseball, exploring flowers, weeds and everything in between when I spotted a perfect opportunity for a “portrait”.  The subject was the quiet type, didn’t run away or skip around…in fact, he seemed pretty happy and content […]

I know, I know…sorry for the wait, everyone! First, we had the ultrasound appt..that lasted a while. Then I had to stop and buy the boys some new sneakers. Then I was on my way home and hubby called because he needed me to bring his boots to him at work. Then dinner and I’m […]

A bunch of photographers of all levels of experience got together today from a local photography group.  We met Jim Hazelwood, a well-known wedding photographer, at a the Proctor Mansion Inn in Wrentham, MA for an all-day workshop and had the pleasure of working with two fantastic models.  What is more fun than networking with […]

It’s funny….a lot of times, I’m asked…what my favorite holiday is or what my favorite day is. You all know those stupid (but fun) trivia quizzes we get sent from our friends. People say Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. While Halloween & Christmas are close to my favorites, my favorite day of the year is today. […]