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The Verdict Is In!!!

I know, I know…sorry for the wait, everyone! First, we had the ultrasound appt..that lasted a while. Then I had to stop and buy the boys some new sneakers. Then I was on my way home and hubby called because he needed me to bring his boots to him at work. Then dinner and I’m finally online (after of course, having problems getting the computer to work. lol)

So baby was very very stubborn. Sleeping at first, cord between its legs, not moving much, curled up in a ball, etc etc. lol

Here’s a few photos in 3D. I’m 17 wks now.

Just hanging out, relaxing 😉


Baby sucking its thumb!

Hand under chin

DRUUUUUUM Roll please……….'s another boy!!! 😀

*** Meet Tyler Jack Sweet…due October 24, 2010 ***  The boys are very excited to meet their baby brother!

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