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My beautiful niece…

So they say friends & family are the hardest to take photos of and yes, I have to agree. 😉  My beautiful niece, Miss *E*, came today with my sister-in-law and my other niece & nephew, for more photos.  The first round, she didn’t sleep a wink UNTIL I packed up all my stuff and was heading out the door.  So we thought we try it again.  HAHA, she had other plans.  Born a preemie, she is too busy wondering what is going on around her.   Miss *E* didn’t sleep for more than a minute at a time, but man, did I love every minute of having her here. 

Here are some more photos of Miss *E*’s session.  She’s almost 8 wks old and still only just slightly over 7 lbs.  What a peanut… 🙂

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