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Easter session with…the photographer’s kiddos. :P

If you are a photographer…especially a professional one….and you have kids, you can sympathize with me.  I know we all go through it and we always say why do we bother photographing our own kids…but still do it anyways?! lol  *sigh*  It’s to give them the experience, to capture it and to watch them experience it for themselves that makes us keep doing it.  Once in a while, I will hire my friend to photograph my kids if they are being uncooperative (aka not on their terms. heehee).  Sessions with live animals that live at our home for a week….should be the case.  They were way too into them to smile and after the first 5 min, I was ok with that and just let them have fun. 

Since I’ve been sharing all the families with you, I figured I couldn’t leave out my family.  Even if they aren’t “posing” picture perfect.  I think you will all get a kick outta them. 😉  Now I know I should have had the boys get a haircut, tried to…the place was closed.  Stupid me told Zack he could have a pop before the session.  What color did he choose?  BLUE.  So of course, that resulted in blue lips, blue tongue, blue teeth.  That was interesting. 😀

Here’s my sweet, “angelic” son…Justin.

Zack adored the chicks…

Ty wanted nothing to do with the camera, hubby is behind the backdrop trying to hold him still, Tyler’s grabbing the flowers and trying to eat them, I’m chasing the bunnies, trying to fix Ty from slipping, etc etc etc…lol

JJ was like the “bird whisperer”…

Zack is so done here, Ty is FINALLY smiling and JJ is getting upset because the bunny was nibbling on him just seconds before…..ugh. 

And last but not least….THIS is a PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHILD.  What do you get when you ask just ONE MORE PHOTO and PLEASE LOOK AND SMILE???  You get this look:

Blue lips and all.  ‘Nuff said. 😛  HAHAHAHAHA  Hope you enjoyed the photos.  They may not be perfect but they show their personalities and I love them…. 🙂

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