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Meet Teresa

You know that moment when you see the portraits of your newborn, or of your beautiful family, and it literally takes your breath away??  THAT is the reason why I love photography.  I am so completely and utterly inspired by newborns and children.  From the newborn wrinkly skin, to an infant’s belly laugh, to the wide, expressive eyes filled with wonderment of a young child. I am so blessed to be a part of their lives every time they come to see me.

I specialize in newborn photography because there truly is no greater sight in the world than a baby and to see the love of the child’s parents of their new addition to their family.  There are no words to describe how it feels when families hire me to photograph their families to capture each milestone in their lives.   I absolutely love what I do and I make sure to have each and every family that hires me, feel that they are the only family in the world right at that moment and nothing else matters.  I promise to capture amazing art so that every time you walk by the portraits on your wall, it brings tears to your eyes because you will know that your heart and soul are in those photographs.


~ Teresa


Little Facts About Me:

~ I believe I was a gypsy in another life.  I constantly dream of traveling all over, never really knowing where to explore but just know that I want to see more than just New England.  I swear if I wasn’t so close to my family that resides here, I’d travel all around and then settle somewhere closer down south.  I live for warm weather, beautiful sunny skies.

~ My family is the world to me.  My world completely revolves around my husband, our 3 boys (and currently 2 amazing dogs) and our families….and of course, I live and breathe photography.  The rest is just icing on the cake.

~ I was adopted when I was 3 yrs old and it’s been a goal of mine since I was about 10 yrs old to adopt one day.  I still pray that we can achieve that dream sometime in the future.

~ My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz although my favorite genre is horror movies.  But I also love Ever After, A Walk To Remember, Goonies, Labyrinth (now I’ll be singing “Dance Magic Dance” in my head all night long), Never Ending Story.  Gosh there are so many others but those are my all time favorites!

~ While I love to read watch movies about sharks, I’m completely petrified of them.  I love the ocean but you won’t catch me going in any higher than my knees.  I need to see a complete 360 degrees around me and what is or may be coming my way!

~ My favorite food in the world is bacon.  Anything bacon.  Or asian food (specifically Wonton Soup and Nime Chow). And cupcakes.  Or maybe vanilla ice cream.  Oh…and my homemade chocolate peanut butter truffles.  They are to die for (if I do say so myself). lol  Way too many choices!

~ I used to love wearing stylish clothes with fun high heels.  And then I became a mom of 3 and caring for 2 dogs as well.  Now I LIVE for comfort.  Comfy pants, oversized shirt and sneakers (or better yet, slippers).  Maybe one day I’ll become fashionable again.

~ My favorite sounds in the entire world are my childrens’ laughter, hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child (there’s nothing like that beating whooshing sound), the ocean, rain and horse’s hooves.  What a variety, huh? 😉

~ My favorite smells are babies, a barn, lilacs and springtime….just after it rains.

~ I LOVE to mentor and teach photography to others.  I began to mentor a year or two ago and a fellow photographer & I are beginning to create workshops & classes for photographers.  There are photographers of all levels but we are very passionate about teaching beginners or hobbyists the proper way to use your camera, understanding exposure & composition, lighting, posing and all that other fun stuff.  So if you’re reading this and you think it’s something you’d be interested in, either subscribe to this blog to be kept up to date on what’s happening with it or send me a message! 🙂

~ When I have the time to sit down, I love the following tv shows:  Schitts Creek, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Outlander, Wentworth, Siren and any True Crime shows.

~ I have always had a fear of public speaking…HOWEVER, if you let me talk about photography or I’m doing my job, I have no problems jumping on a chair and organizing 300 guests to call out the shots! 😉  If I could talk about photography or about my children all day, you’d have to tell me to shut up.  Or get ear plugs.  Whichever came first. 😛

~ I think it would be fantastic to photograph a celebrity newborn session or celebrity wedding one day….I know, I dream big! Haha!  My dream would be Taylor Swift.  I think she would be so amazing to photograph, especially for one of my Inspired Sessions.   The closest celebrity I’ve come so far was having Dylan Walsh (from Nip Tuck) & (then wife, now ex) Joanna Going (Law & Order, CSI, etc) at a wedding.  So wished I got a photo with them but didn’t want to be unprofessional.  I did, however, get some great photos OF them. 😉  I also photographed a highly respected former New England Patriots Coach and his family before they moved.  They are the SWEETEST family.


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