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Will I sound like a broken record if I say how much I love this family?? hahaha Well, I do and I can say that because the mom of these kiddos is a very dear friend of mine and her kids are just the sweetest.  Meet Miss *C* and Mr *N*.  Mr *N* just turned […]

This next family is just too cute for words.  The three beautiful kids you’ll see below are the siblings of a dear friend of mine (and also the amazing family who was very generous to let me borrow the chicks for a week). 😉  It was so much fun to have the three of them […]

Yesterday, I had the most adorable ALMOST one year old in my studio.  What’s funny about this session, is that Miss *R*’s mom, used to be my manager at a local fast food restaurant when I was 16 yrs old.  At the restaurant, is where I met Peter, where we became great friends for many […]

I adore this family.  I really do….I had the pleasure, once again, to photograph the *M* family.  I first met them when I photographed an OpLove session for them as the father of the family, is in the United States Army.  Marcy, the mom, and I just *clicked* & I just love it when you […]

This is the *M* family….well, only half of them. 🙂  The other two boys (who are older), didn’t quite want the bunny sessions so it was just Miss *S* and Mr. *R*.   Last year, I met Barbara (the mom) through my son’s school (another great PTO mom). 🙂  She has the cutest kids and I’m […]