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Monique & Jason's Wedding…

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Monique & Jay’s wedding.  This was a very special wedding for me.  Why, you may ask?  Monique is the little sister of one of my best friends.  I’ve known Monique for almost 23 years.  Her family lived right across the street from me growing up.  We used to ride the school bus together, play dress-up together (and yes, sometimes with a little “persuading” on my part. lol)…aaaah, the memories.  So, here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites from Monique & Jay’s wedding:

Monique & Jay 003

Monique & Jay 057

Monique & Jay 073

Monique & Jay 216 (m sepia)

Monique & Jay 217 (V B&W)

Monique & Jay 244

Monique & Jay 395

Monique & Jay 420

Monique & Jay 456 (V B&W)

Monique & Jay 462

Monique & Jay 478 (B&W)

Monique & Jay 511

And my wonderful assistant took some great portraits of the kids lounging around as I was taking the formals.  I thought I’d share a few of those too:

Monique & Jay 909

Monique & Jay 913

Monique & Jay 915 (B&W)

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