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Happy 3rd Birthday, Tyler! ~ Rhode Island Newborn & Child Photographer

This is a lil’ tradition that I do each year for each child so we can look back and see what they love to do:

On this day, 3 years ago, our youngest son, Tyler Jack was born.  Many of you had gone through the journey with us as to how he fought his way into this world (and for those of you who don’t know, you can read about it here:  Tyler has made such an impact on our lives, all for the better.

Tyler has such an AMAZING & funny personality!  He’ll do everything possible just to make you laugh and he does this nose scrunch and “evil” laugh with it only go to into a fit of giggles.   He is curious about everything around him, has a patience of a saint (most of the time), loves his firetrucks, watching Fireman Sam and ANYTHING to do with Mickey Mouse.   Tyler loves to say “Hi” to absolutely anyone and everyone who looks his way and waves to everyone he can.  Even if he’s playing outside and a random car drives by, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing just to wave.   My in-laws call him a little politician. haha

Tyler simply adores his older brothers, Justin & Zachary and is always curious as to what they are doing.  And he keeps right up with them.  He absolutely loves being around Justin & Zachary.  I hope that bond is never forgotten or broken.

Tyler Jack, thank you for being such a sweetheart, my lil’ man. Mommy, Daddy, Justin and Zachary love you to the moon & back! Happy 3rd  Birthday!

On the day he was born:

3 Years Old:




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