Nature’s New Beginnings…

The other day, while our boys were playing with our neighbors grandkids, I was told that there were baby birds on their front door.  So of course, I had to ask for the opportunity to photograph them!  So I grabbed my camera, step stool and peek inside their door wreath.  Inside, were 3 robin red-breast babies.  They would try to keep their eyes closed and huddle together any time I poked my head up to photograph them so I grabbed a few pics and let them be.

The kids got such a kick outta them!  Here are a few:

One little guy was curious 🙂


Momma was watching me like a hawk!

Love the detail on its beak

  • Stacy McPeek-SmithJune 17, 2011 - 9:51 pm

    Awesome shots! We had a mama and babies this spring too… so fun to watch. But I am way to chicken of birds to peek in the nest… I know I know lol

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