Monthly Archives: June 2008

Monique & Jay will be getting married in May 2009. Monique is the youngest sister of one of my best friends. It was awesome to watch all my friends grow up and basically we all experienced the same things along the same time…getting married, parenthood. But to now see siblings experience it?? WOW!! I’ll be […]

The following images are just for fun. A few fellow photographer friends (online), both professional and amateur, have “contests” on a weekly/daily basis. We are given a title/theme and we interpret it however we would like, in our own ways. I thought I’d share them with you…… Temptation…. Big vs. Little…. Crush…. Momism “Don’t sit […]

Let’s start with my best friend and the love of my life. My husband, Peter. We became best friends when we were 16…yet it took us 5 years to even THINK to take that step to start dating. We both worked at KFC, our first jobs in high school. lol Me, a band and photography […]

My very first blog. Like I need another reason to be addicted to the computer. *sigh* My poor hubby will no longer have a wife or a mother to our children. LOL Kidding, kidding…The more I research and read about photography, the more I’m reading that other professional photographers are blogging. So I bit the […]