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So they say friends & family are the hardest to take photos of and yes, I have to agree. 😉  My beautiful niece, Miss *E*, came today with my sister-in-law and my other niece & nephew, for more photos.  The first round, she didn’t sleep a wink UNTIL I packed up all my stuff and […]

The *C* Family came into the studio this past weekend and how excited I was to meet them!  They are very good friends of a dear client of mine and what’s even better, is little Mr *A* below and their friend’s 2nd baby, will grow up together as they are so close in age.  There […]

Newport’s beautiful Brenton Point State Park set the scene for this weekend’s wedding for Su-Lin & Ralph.  The weather ALL week long leading up to the weekend was cool & rainy but they had such an amazing day with the sun shining, beautiful warm weather…the day couldn’t have been more perfect for such a perfect […]

Here’s just a super quick sneak peek of my bride & groom yesterday. What a fun & laid back couple they were. Wait until you see some of the photos from their day! ♥ More to come in just a day or two! 😉

The other day, while our boys were playing with our neighbors grandkids, I was told that there were baby birds on their front door.  So of course, I had to ask for the opportunity to photograph them!  So I grabbed my camera, step stool and peek inside their door wreath.  Inside, were 3 robin red-breast […]